"Women shouldn't play football"

...let's talk about that!

In this Unisport Documentary, we follow Nagin and her mission to get more women and girls into football. Today, she spearheads the Globall project, an initiative dedicated to empowering girls and women from ethnic minority communities through football.

GLOBALL operates through its sustainable SELF-Programme: Sisterhood, Education, Leadership & Football. This comprehensive approach recognizes the multifaceted nature of empowerment, combining the power of sisterhood, education, leadership development, and the universal language of football. GLOBALL is not just about scoring goals on the field; it's about scoring goals in life.

Each year Globall develops 11 international football ambassadors who will become the face and future of football in their local areas. The first generation of female football ambassadors in Denmark have already completed the one year long Globall Academy and are now ready to conquer the world of football as leaders and role models. The Academy is based on Globall's original SELF-Programme and is tailored to meet the needs of the hand picked ambassadors. A number of this year's cohort of ambassadors have already levelled up their game by becoming coaches and leaders in local football clubs.

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