How Did This Happen? - Puma King Ultimate Comparison Review

How on earth can a company make 2 boots that are supposed to be almost identical so unbelievably different, so different in fact that one of them is a boot that I absolutely cannot recommend and the other is a boot that I'm really enjoying!

I am talking about the Puma King Ultimate and I have 2 different versions of the boot showcasing 2 different textures on the upper, the texture is not the issue. One of the Puma King Ultimate that I have is the womens fit and one is the regular fit, this is also not the issue!

The difference in the upper material between these 2 boots is so stark that I really was screaming, how did this happen! So, to avoid you buying the wrong one, or picking up something you don't enjoy, or at least to help you not get as confused as me I am going to do a Puma King Ultimate comparison to sort you out.

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0:00 Intro

0:14 The First Difference

0:21 Second Difference - Texture

0:54 Third Difference - Fit - Mens Vs Womens

2:06 The Major 4th Difference Intro

2:26 What Puma Have To Say

2:50 What is The Difference - Material

3:56 Sizing - How is it Affected?

4:18 Boot Wizard Having A Breakdown

4:42 Complete Summary (Most Important)

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