Too Childish? New Nike Premier League Winter 21/22 Strike Ball Review

We are now accustomed to multiple ball drops every year, to the point where we are now expecting 3 epl balls this season! This is the second of them, the generally accepted winter hi vis ball, designed for those low visability months.

With so many balls being released so regularly you might not be able to or want to keep up with them at 130 euros which is the cost of the top end match ball Nike Flight. So alternatively you could pick up this, the takedown version, the Nike Strike.

Today we will have a look at the design so do let me know what you think of that, as well as a few of my thoughts on if the new Nike Strike ball is worth your money.

If you want to cop the new premier league winter Nike Strike ball then just hit this link here. - - they do tend to sell out so you can also check here -

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