How football can change lives - BIGGER THAN FOOTBALL (documentary)

Bigger than football - changing lives through football. In this Unisport Documentary, we follow Nagin Ravand, who has created a new female football club in Brabrand, Denmark - not only challenging the mindset of 'girls do not play football', but also making sure that there were a bigger inflow of new members who were female than new male players. In our Bigger Than Football documentary, we follow Nagin as she takes part in a training at the club, collects awards for her work in the community and discuss what drove her to make a difference for girls who want to play football but have previously not felt comfortable to do so. Here, Nagin has created a positive environment and actively encouraged more girls to come and play football, hang out, make new friends and get a safe zone to express their creativity in.

Are you dreaming of making a change for the better, but are you finding it hard, and do you need assistance? Unisport and Nike are looking to reward those who want to change the world through football.

We'll help tell your story, and will support you with what you need to achieve your football dreams and helping others achieve theirs.

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