Let Down By A Great Boot! Adidas X Speedflow + FG Review 2021

Possibly the best laceless boots that have ever been made. So how can I feel a little let down and disappointed by them!

The 2021 top end edition of the X, the Speedflow + improves on almost ... almost ... all the elements of the previous X Ghosted and certainly makes it a much more comfortable and better performing football boot, it keeps the amazing X Ghosted carbitex soleplate which, lets be honest, it absolutely had to.

So my aim here is to give you all the information you need in this review of the X Speedflow + so that you can make a decision on if they are for you. However, that's not all I'm looking to do here. I want to temper your expectations, I feel like these have potentially been overhyped and built up to a level that they just cannot attain in reality. So yes, good boot, very good boot, however, ground breaking and mind blowing, not for me.

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