We did 99 football skills in the NEW ADIDAS PACK!!

adidas Numbers Up play test and 99 skills - in today's video, JayMike will take you through the brand new adidas Numbers Up Pack to explain the concept and story behind the boots and hopefully help you figure out which boot is the right one for you - and also, PWG will show off 99 different football skills in his new adidas X Speedflow.1 Numbers Up. The Numbers Up football boots from adidas are inspired by the ratings system in FIFA22 where the 99 skill rating is reserved for the very best ballers. Therefor the X Speedflow is inspired by 99 pace, the Predator Freak is inspired by 99 dribbling and the COPA Sense is inspired by 99 passing - all of which are meant to motivate the player wearing them to constantly improve their game - especially if they want to become AS good as PWG, who did 99 skills with the new adidas Numbers Up football boots.

BUY THE NUMBERS UP PACK HERE: https://www.unisportstore.com/adidas-numbers-up/

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