Are Women's Boots Better? Puma Ultra 1.3 Men's Vs Women's Review

In the past most 'women's' football boots have been nothing more than the men's boot with a different colour slapped on it, occasionally it would be a new colour and a soleplate from a different boot, adidas have been known to use the sprint frame outsole on their women's predators.

Puma have taken women's fit boots to a new level with the release of the Puma Ultra 1.3 Women's. This is a genuine women's fit boot with a totally different last designed around the female foot. This isn't a marketing gimmick there is a genuine difference between the 2 boots that extends well beyond the heel colour.

The question is, is the women's fit boot actually better? This isn't a boot that should be dismissed by men just because of a label that states a gender. We should see this as an opportunity to really tailor the boots we buy to our feet. You might find, that even as a man, that the women's fit boot fits you better due to your foot shape, similarly you might find due to your foot shape as a woman the men's fit boot is better for you. In my view this is about forgetting the labels attached to the boots and taking the opportunity to buy boots in different fits to suit us.

It's not all down to the fit though, the women's ultra also sports a stud pattern with conical studs by using the tooling from the puma king platinum, this might also change the dynamic for you and it also adds an reasonably significant amount of weight. We will go through all of this in the video, but you never know the Puma Ultra 1.3 Women's fit might be the ideal boot for you.

Note for the review, the more I use the women's fit Ultra the clearer it became that I was not going to be able to stretch the heel area out enough and in the end for me the heel area is too tight and I also prefer the men's fit in this area.

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