Fantastic Environmentally Friendly Grip Socks! VYPR5 Suregrip Lite Grip Socks Review

We are always on the look out for new and exciting products on Boot Wizard and the Grip Sock market has become absolutely filled with new products recently. However you would be forgiven for thinking that all of the grip socks are pretty much the same, just variations on a theme.

Well VYPR5 are here to put an end to that with their Suregrip Lite Grip Socks. These are different to any of the other small brand grip socks you've likely come across recently with some really great unique points and certainly some higher quality in areas, but as we will cover in the review, that also comes at a very real price.

However, the VYPR5 do have more than one trick up their sleeve. They have the added benefit of being the only pair of grip socks as far as I can find that have taken an active role in considering the environmental impact of their socks after the product is finished. That gets a massive thumbs up from me. Check out the review, let me know what you think and if you do want to support the channel please head to

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