Incredible ... But Maybe Not For You. Puma Ultra 1.3 Review - Lightest Ever Boots.

Puma are dropping some unbelievable boots at the moment, and it makes you wonder why were they out of the true speed boot battle for so long when they can produce stuff like this.

These are the lightest regular release football boots ever made coming in at 160g, whether that's important to you or not, it's certainly very impressive.

what's more impressive is the performance of the new ultra 1.3, these have quickly become an absolute favourite of mine the fit, the comfort, the touch the feel, it's all so beautiful.

I will admit the Ultra 1.3 is not perfect, there are elements of the boot that could do with a little improvement or tweaking, and these certainly aren't going to be for everyone, possibly the fit won't suit you, the fit certainly doesn't appeal to the fans of the ultra 1.1 that had wider feet and these offer slim to no protection.

however as far as speed boots go, sign me up, these are on my feet reeeeeegularly.

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