Most Comfortable Speed Boots Ever? Adidas X Speedflow .1 AG Review 2021

Comfortable speed boots that will also fit people with a wider foot. Absolutely unheard of, well, rarely seen, especially from adidas when you consider the most recent x ghosted line.

Adidas have however taken a huge swing at making a boot that is going to be comfortable on the pitch and appeal to a large number of people, this isn't a boot only for those that want a painted on upper or something that is skin tight, even if it should still satisfy those looking for that true speed boot vibe.

Trying to be a jack of all trades in 2021 the x speedflow .1 on the whole succeeds, it provides what the real speed boot nerds are going to look for while also appealing to a much broader mass market audience and this can especially be said of the X Speedflow .1 AG.

Welcome to the review, this is in the end a boot that is well worth your time and hopefully my Adidas X Speedflow .1 AG Review 2021 will help you make a decision.

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